The image above was taken when I worked for an Internet company in Hollywood called LOAD. It was a start up company that developed an extended company called MDS which changed its name to Tribe Studios. Scott and I arrived in California in May 1998 so he can work at LOAD as their Network Administrator. We worked 7days a week and averaged about 13 hours a day for over a year. The schedule changed to 6 days then it finally normalized in 2000 to 5 days a week. I worked there as a senior graphic designer. This stint lasted for about 2 years. After going through 2 traumatic major lay offs, my whole department finally got the axe in December 2000. All in all it was a good experience; a serious boot camp sort of sharpening of my computer graphics skills.

After that experience I found myself freelancing my graphics and I was quite successful at it. I even designed a website for a well known jazz flutist. You can compare my skills before LOAD to a website I built a year before Hollywood. That website is Mitchell Product System and the new websites are Valarie King and Infinitelove sites .

Here are some other graphics I've done: icons and motion.

I will add more to this page later.... ~e